Wilderness Survival Merit Badge – Special Forces Edition

In the fun and compelling context of a special forces boot camp, Scouts learn and practice all the requirements to fulfill the Boy Scouts of America’s Wilderness Survival Merit Badge.

  • The core of the package is a detailed lesson plan written by a professional instructional designer.
  • The instruction takes place over two Troop meetings and an overnight camp, full of themed games, competitions, songs, and activities.
  • Instant digital download.


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There’s Strong, and there’s Scout Strong.

What’s Included?

  • A detailed lesson plan that contains step-by-step directions for the merit badge counselor to conduct two 90-minute interactive instruction sessions.

  • Two special forces videos with suggestions in the lesson plan for use of these videos as a great way to kick off your wilderness survival Troop meetings.

  • A custom poster featuring the seven priorities of wilderness survival makes an effective teaching aid and is included with your lesson plan purchase.

  • Several youth-appropriate military themed games, songs, and yells ensure that Scouts get into the spirit of the activity and stay engaged throughout.

  • A full overnighter plan that culminates in an exciting patrol vs. patrol race for Scouts to practice their newly-learned survival skills.


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Wilderness Survival Merit Badge - Special Forces Edition

Create a Merit Badge Experience to Remember.

Optional Stuff

These optional add-on items can really make a difference in creating an exciting and engaging merit badge environment.

Survival Guide

This waterproof and tear-proof survival guide makes a great memory aid for Scouts.

$4.50 ea.

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Youth Wristband

These youth-sized wristbands make a perfect give-away for Scouts participating in your merit badge event.

$1 ea.

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7 Priorities Poster

One survival priorities poster is included with your lesson plan, but additional copies are available.

$6 ea.

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