Citizenship In the World: Secret Agent Edition

Delivered in an interactive story format, this lesson plan unfolds like a spy movie with the Scouts as the lead characters! Scouts participate in a secret agent mission to stop a plot that threatens the United Nations and the fate of the world!

  • The core of the package is a detailed lesson plan written by a professional instructional designer.
  • The instruction takes place over a single session, full of spy themed activities.
  • The lesson features almost an hour of professionally recorded audio, immersing your Scouts in an exciting secret agent adventure!
Citizenship in the World merit badge Secret Agent Edition


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Did you know that Robert Baden-Powell wrote an autobiography

called ‘My Adventures as a Spy’?

What’s Included?

  • A detailed lesson plan with step-by-step directions for the merit badge counselor to conduct a full merit badge instruction session.

  • Almost an hour of fully produced audio in ten chapters, featuring full voice acting and sound effects (downloaded as MP3 files).
  • A custom Mission Dossier where Scouts record what they learn; this dossier also serves as a checklist for the merit badge requirements.

  • Activities that allow Scouts to collect clues and solve puzzles as they are immersed in a spy adventure while learning about world citizenship.

  • Several printable cue-cards that illustrate merit badge learning points and provide the merit badge counselor with discussion items.


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Create a Merit Badge Experience to Remember.