What’s the Revolution?

At Scout Revolution, we firmly believe in the power of Scouting and the mission of the Boy Scouts of America. We believe that Scouting can be a profound power for good when properly implemented. Good in the lives of the youth and adults who participate, in their families, in their communities, and in our nation.

Robert Baden-Powell is often quoted as saying that “a boy is not a sitting down animal,” but we feel that some aspects of Scouting have neglected this need for interactivity over the years. As a result of this and some other organizational changes, Scouting has become less appealing to Scouts, less relevant as an organization, and less powerful as a movement.

Our goal is to help fix that.

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Our mission is to make Scouting relevant for today’s youth and to inspire a generation of adult advisors to deliver engaging and sustainable programs.
1. When properly implemented, Scouting can be a profound power for good.

2. When youth are engaged, they are in a position to learn. What’s more, engaging activities are more fun and memorable.

3. At its best, Scouting is engaging and fun!

We develop themed lesson plans for official BSA merit badges with the intent of making merit badge content more engaging and memorable. None of our lesson plans add to or alter the requirements; we just teach them in a themed way.