Wilderness Survival Merit Badge – Special Forces Edition

In the fun and compelling context of a special forces boot camp, Scouts learn and practice all the requirements to fulfill the Boy Scouts of America’s Wilderness Survival merit badge.

  • The core of the package is a detailed lesson plan written by a professional instructional designer.
  • The instruction takes place over two Troop meetings and an overnight camp, full of themed games, competitions, songs, and activities.
  • Instant digital download.


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Detailed Lesson Plan

The Wilderness Survival merit badge Special Forces Edition lesson plan provides all the detail needed to deliver and engaging and exciting merit badge event, with minimal preparation by the Scoutmaster or merit badge counselor. The schedule includes military themed games, songs, competitions, and other great learning activities.

Focus on Skill Mastery

With this lesson plan, Scouts practice new skills in a patrol vs. patrol environment. The practical use of skills causes learning to become long-term, not forgotten after a day or so. Earning the ‘Special Forces Edition’ of the Wilderness Survival merit badge is more than just checking boxes, it’s the beginning of a lifetime of safe outdoor adventures.

Strengthening Patrol Unity

In the Special Forces Edition, Scouts work in patrols, building stronger ties by relying on each other’s strengths as they compete against other patrols! Patrol leadership and teamwork are fostered as Scouts work to prepare a shelter, purify water, start fires, and accomplish the other requirements for the merit badge.

There’s Strong, and there’s Scout Strong.

What’s Included?

  • The detailed lesson plan contains step-by-step directions for the merit badge counselor to conduct two 90 minute interactive instruction sessions.
  • Two special forces videos are included, suggested in the lesson plan as a great way to kick off your wilderness survival troop meetings.
  • A custom poster featuring the seven priorities of wilderness survival makes an effective teaching aid, and is included with your lesson plan purchase.
  • Several youth-appropriate military themed games, songs, and yells ensure that boys get into the spirit of the activity and stay engaged throughout.
  • A full overnighter plan that culminates in an exciting patrol vs. patrol race for boys to practice their newly-learned survival skills.


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Wilderness Survival Merit Badge - Special Forces Edition

Create a Merit Badge Experience to Remember.

Optional Stuff

These optional add-on items can really make a difference in creating an exciting and engaging merit badge environment.

Survival Guide

This waterproof and tear-proof survival guide makes a great memory aid for scouts.

$4.50 ea.

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Youth Wristband

These youth sized wristbands make a perfect give-away for Scouts participating in your merit badge event.

$1 ea.

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7 Priorities Poster

One survival priorities poster is included with your lesson plan, but additional copies are available.

$6 ea.

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