Emergency Preparedness- Zombie Survival Edition

Using the ever-popular zombie theme, the Emergency Preparedness merit badge Zombie  Survival Edition adds an exciting dimension to the instruction, making the important life skills fun to learn and highly memorable, without changing the requirements in any way.

  • The core of the package is a detailed lesson plan written by a professional instructional designer.
  • The instruction takes place over three Troop meetings, full of themed games and activities.
  • Features a fully themed workbook for Scouts to take notes.
  • Instant digital download.


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Detailed Lesson Plan

The Emergency Preparedness merit badge Zombie Survival Edition lesson plan provides all the detail needed to deliver and engaging and exciting merit badge event, with minimal preparation by the Scoutmaster or merit badge counselor.

Focus on Engagement

When boys are engaged they’re learning, and that’s at the heart of our approach. The zombie theme makes the perfect metaphor for emergency preparedness and keeps boys engaged and learning!

An Event to Remember

Delivering this zombie themed learning experience will definitely be a merit badge that your Scouts remember! The themed activities will open their eyes to the fun experience that earning a merit badge should be.

Remember, you don’t have to outrun the zombies,
you just have to outrun your buddy…

What’s Included?

  • The detailed lesson plan contains step-by-step directions for the merit badge counselor to conduct three 90 minute sessions that cover most of the merit badge requirements.
  • An illustrated workbook for Scouts to take detailed notes and record key learning points.
  • Ideas for games, contests, Youtube videos, and other activities, all with a fun zombie theme.
  • Ideas for additional theme elements such as costumes, make-up, and more.
  • Detailed hand-outs assigning the ‘at-home’ requirements.


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Emergency Preparedness merit badge - Zombie Survival Edition

Create a Merit Badge Experience to Remember.

Optional Stuff

These optional add-on items can really make a difference in creating an exciting and engaging merit badge environment.

Pocket Card

This waterproof and tear-proof 3″ x 5″¬†¬†pocket card makes a great memory aid for scouts.

$2.50 ea.

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Patrol Patch

This awesome 2″ zombie patch can be used as a patrol patch or awarded upon completion of the merit badge requirements.

$2.95 ea.

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