Citizenship In the World- Secret Agent Edition

Delivered in an interactive story format, this lesson plan unfolds like a spy movie, with the Scouts as the lead characters! Scouts participate in a secret agent mission to stop a plot that threatens the United Nations and the fate of the world!

  • The core of the package is a detailed lesson plan written by a professional instructional designer.
  • The instruction takes place over a single session, full of spy themed activities.
  • The lesson features almost an hour of professionally recorded audio, immersing your Scouts in an exciting secret agent adventure!
Citizenship in the World merit badge Secret Agent Edition


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Detailed Lesson Plan

The Citizenship in the World merit badge Secret Agent Edition lesson plan provides all the detail needed to deliver and engaging and exciting merit badge event, with minimal preparation by the Scoutmaster or merit badge counselor.

Engaging Content

Delivered as an exciting secret agent adventure, the lesson plan for this Eagle-required merit badge keeps Scouts engaged as they learn about world organizations in the process of solving an international spy mystery.

Active Learning

Say goodbye to boring classroom-style delivery with a series of puzzles intertwined in an intriguing spy mystery that takes Scouts on a worldwide journey featuring the UN building in New York, an airfield outside Moscow, and an oil rig off the coast of North Korea!

Did you know, Robert Baden-Powell wrote an autobiography

called ‘My Adventures as a Spy’?

What’s Included?

  • The detailed lesson plan contains step-by-step directions for the merit badge counselor to conduct a full merit badge instruction session.
  • Almost an hour of fully produced audio in ten chapters, featuring full voice acting and sound effects (downloaded as MP3 files).
  • Scouts record what they learn in a custom Mission Dossier, which also serves as a checklist for the merit badge requirements.
  • Scouts collect clues and solve puzzles as they are immersed in a spy adventure while learning about world citizenship.
  • Several printable cue-cards illustrate merit badge learning points and provide the merit badge counselor with discussion items.


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Create a Merit Badge Experience to Remember.